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Domain names .CORSICA

.corsica domain name for cities / regions

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Conditions for domain names

Are individual for cities / regions .corsica registrations allowed? - Yes.

Are there requirements, documents, or information needed for for cities / regions .corsica? - Yes. Individual or a legal entity may register (or renew) a .corsica domain name if it meets at least one of the criteria detailed below: a) Legal entity in Corsica –A company headquartered in Corsica or company having its head office outside Corsica but a secondary establishment registered in Corsica. b) Individuals living in Corsica - The applicant may be a French or foreign citizen with a physical address valid on the territory of Corsica. c) Nexus to the Corsican community Diaspora and link to the Corsican community – Any individual who has and will prove a direct or indirect link attachment (economic, social, cultural, familial, historical or otherwise) with Corsica.

Are there any additional fees for .corsica? - No.

Company or legal entities registrations allowed for for cities / regions .corsica? - Yes.

Do I need a trademark / brand name to register .corsica? - No.

Does domain .corsica have a special use? - No.

No details or other information I need to know about .corsica? - Yes. When the Registrant no longer meets the eligibility criteria, they should contact their Registrar as soon as possible and in any case within 14 calendar days after a change in circumstances that may cause his ineligibility in the light of the criteria established and request that the domain name be cancelled, locked, put on hold, transferred, or deleted.

WHOIS Privacy service available for .corsica? - Yes.

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