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.yt Mayotte domain name

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Allowed (middle only). Neither begin with, nor end with a dash; not contain a dash in the third and fourth positions

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Not eligible

Conditions for domain names

Are individual Mayotte .yt registrations allowed? - Yes.

Are there requirements, documents, or information needed for Mayotte .yt? - Yes. Companies having their registered office or principal place of business in the territory of a Member State of the European Union (EU) or in the territory of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. One of the following is required: Siren/Siret number, DUNS number, company registration number, business certificate number or other valid local identifier specific to a country of the EU or territories listed. The Registrant and the administrative contact must be reachable and must provide a valid telephone number, address and e-mail address. Supporting documentation may be required. EU or international trademark specifically stating France is also accepted, but local EU address is still required (select Trustee Service at checkout if needed). Personal registrations possible, please provide Birthdate, Birthplace, Birthcity and postcode in one of the above countries. Documentation may be required.

Are some .yt domain names restricted? - Yes. Violating rights to third parties, names disrupting public order or morality, and names contrary to the laws of France are prohibited.

Are there any additional fees for .yt? - Yes. Ownership change costs the same as new registration, and resets the expiration date.

Company or legal entities registrations allowed for Mayotte .yt? - Yes.

Do I need a trademark / brand name to register .yt? - No.

Does domain .yt have a special use? - No.

No details or other information I need to know about .yt? - Yes. Some domain names that do not follow the naming charter after identification operations and/or eligibility checks may be deleted.

WHOIS Privacy service available for .yt? - No.

Mayotte flag .yt .yt domain registration prices

Services TLD Period Price
Register domain name .yt, 1 year Mayotte - .yt 1 € 16.89
Register domain name .yt, 2 years Mayotte - .yt 2 € 33.78
Register domain name .yt, 3 years Mayotte - .yt 3 € 50.67
Register domain name .yt, 4 years Mayotte - .yt 4 € 67.56
Register domain name .yt, 5 years Mayotte - .yt 5 € 84.45
Register domain name .yt, 6 years Mayotte - .yt 6 € 101.34
Register domain name .yt, 7 years Mayotte - .yt 7 € 118.23
Register domain name .yt, 8 years Mayotte - .yt 8 € 135.12
Register domain name .yt, 9 years Mayotte - .yt 9 € 152.01
Register domain name .yt, 10 years Mayotte - .yt 10 € 168.90

Mayotte flag .yt .yt domain renewal prices

Services TLD Period Price
Renew domain .yt, 1 year Mayotte - .yt 1 € 17.89
Renew domain .yt, 2 years Mayotte - .yt 2 € 35.78
Renew domain .yt, 3 years Mayotte - .yt 3 € 53.67
Renew domain .yt, 4 years Mayotte - .yt 4 € 71.56
Renew domain .yt, 5 years Mayotte - .yt 5 € 89.45
Renew domain .yt, 6 years Mayotte - .yt 6 € 107.34
Renew domain .yt, 7 years Mayotte - .yt 7 € 125.23
Renew domain .yt, 8 years Mayotte - .yt 8 € 143.12
Renew domain .yt, 9 years Mayotte - .yt 9 € 161.01
Renew domain .yt, 10 years Mayotte - .yt 10 € 178.90

Mayotte flag .yt .yt domain other prices

Services TLD Price
Contact update, .yt Mayotte - .yt € 35.00
Name server update, .yt Mayotte - .yt € 35.00
Owner change, .yt Mayotte - .yt € 80.00
Registrant details update, .yt Mayotte - .yt € 45.00
Transfer, .yt Mayotte - .yt € 80.00

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